Tuesday, January 22, 2008

E's Party

E's birthday party was this past weekend. In the weeks preceding the big day she planned, talked about, counted down and crossed days off of her calendar. Her excitement reached a fever pitch Sunday afternoon as she counted down the hours.
"What time is it?"
"Two more hours!"
What time is it?
"One and a half more hours!"
And so on, until 5:30 when the guests started to arrive for the Pretend Sleepover Party.
We started off the evening with making pizzas. It was fun for them to make their own individual pizzas, but I noticed they ate more chips than actual pizza.

Then on to some games.

Next on the agenda was the craft. No party of E's is complete without a craft. This one we had the girls decorate pillowcases. They were very involved, and enjoyed coloring pictures with fabric markers and crayons, and arranging the iron-on decals.

Following the crafting portion of the party, we had gift opening.

Finally, to end the evening the girls made their own ice cream sundaes for dessert, piling on the m&m's, chocolate and caramel sauce, and sprinkles.

About a half an hour later the party was over, and all the girls left, except for one. E and A settled down in the spare bedroom, and I went in to tell them to go to sleep around 9:30. Ed asked if that was necessary, and I said I didn't want to deal with sleepy grumpy girls the next morning. Well. Guess what time they woke up?
Yes, I heard them through a sleepy fog, talking in the bathroom. I assumed they went back to sleep, but an hour later I went down and A was dressed and brushing her teeth. I ordered the girls back to bed, telling them that it was too early. They went, but their chatter was so loud I was afraid they would wake the baby and N, so I sent them down to the playroom until everyone else woke up at 6:45. All I can say is that after lunch, when A had gone home, everyone went down for a nice 2 hour nap. I don't think we will have another sleepover for a little while.

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EEEEMommy said...

Oh the fun of slumber parties! Elianna had one in November for her belated 8th birthday, and I had to tell the girls to go to sleep at 2am. Even so, they were up before 6am. (I'm realizing I never blogged about that...)
It looks like you had a great time, and you were wise to limit the actual sleepover part to just 1! :)
They look adorable, by the way!