Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My 6 Word Memoir Title

So, thanks to Angel, I have been tagged for a meme the FIRST TIME EVER! I feel a little nervous writing this, because I hate to disappoint. Anyway, after thinking it over for a few minutes, I came up with one. I decided to go the more serious route, rather than the funny one.

I'm Bound for the Promised Land

I was definitely influenced by my recent weekend away. The topic was "Eternity" and Jayne Clark gave a series of excellent lectures. She talked about how we long for our true home, because this world is not all there is. And then she gave us images of what heaven will be like- fully and forever free from sin and misery, finally having an undivided heart, saying what we mean/hearing what others intended, actually being what God intended us to be- to whet our appetite and excite us for what will be. She also gave us the other side, the darkness and despair of Hell- no community, connections, health or pleasure, shame and contempt without measure, raw anger, and God's consuming fire of his righteous wrath- to show us all that Jesus has delivered us from, and to give us a fresh incentive to share our faith with others. She ended the weekend with how the knowledge of eternity affects o
ur lives today. How it gives us perspective when we see our lives as a speck, and eternity as a never ending line; it gives us a purpose and changes our priorities; it enables us to persevere with patience; and finally it helps us to anticipate Jesus and get excited about his return.

I want to live my life in light of eternity, and all that it implies. I want to live like I am Bound for the Promised Land.

Anyway, the rules for this MEME are as follow:

Write the title to your own memoir using 6 words.
Post it on your blog.
Link to the person that tagged you.
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EEEEMommy said...

That's a great title! It sounds like a fabulous weekend too. Good stuff!

Amy said...

Thanks for the tag. I like your 6 words!

The Moser Family said...

Glad you think of me as a trustworthy blogger...
I finally posted my Memoir, albeit begrudgingly. Sorry, but I hate chain mail. However, it was a good thing for me to think through and ponder. Thanks.

Craig, Judy, Andrew, & William said...

Hmm. Tough one. I'm still thinking...