Thursday, May 8, 2008

There's nothing like having houseguests...

to get your house in order. I am feeling the heat! Our friends, Chris, Angel, and their 4 kids will be coming to visit for a couple of days in about a week and a half. These are their accomodations at the present (Angel don't look!!)

We have 3 bedrooms and one full bathroom right now. We have wanted to finish our renovations of the master bed and bath since we moved in, but we were restricted financially. We finally saved enough to hire a contractor- 3 weeks ago. Yeah. We have known that our friends were coming, oh, since February, and we just started getting down to business 3 weeks ago. So we are working frantically to get the bedroom done. This means

1. Sanding the woodwork
2. Priming the walls
3. Painting the ceiling (2-3 coats)
4. Painting the walls (2 coats)
5. Painting the woodwork (3 coats)
6. Spackling the bathroom walls (contractor)
7. Sanding the woodwork in the bathroom
8. Priming the bathroom walls
9. Painting the bathroom wood work, ceiling and walls
10. Laying the floor (contractor)
11. Installing the vanity, mirror, & towel rack
12. Installing the toilet (still to be purchased)
13. Installing the shower door (contractor)

Yeah, just typing that list stresses me out. So, hopefully we will get it done. It will take a miracle.


Bala Waxworks said...

I feel your pain. It's been almost 2 yrs since we overhauled our home from inside-out and I'm still not ready for any new renovations! ~L

Amy said...

Wow. It is all going to look great when it's done!

chaps said...

you're ambitious. just get the toilet in, and they'll be happy. essentials, ya know?

Soo Jin said...

And lots of prayers. Will be praying for you:)