Monday, January 18, 2010


I don't know about you, but when my kids have a day off, I feel a little pressured to do something special. I don't feel this way on the weekends, but if there is a random day off of school, I find myself thinking of crafts that we can do, places we can go, or baked goods we can make. The pressure is doubled if there are friends over for a play date.

Thus, I found myself scouring the Family Fun website for something fun to make with the family. Since Valentines's Day is around the corner, I thought maybe making some valentines would fit the bill. After lunch, the kids sat around the table and we cut, glued and nibbled our way through this project:

Aren't they cute? They are little cell phone valentines with text messages and candy dots on the inside for the "numbers". All we needed was card stock, stickers, and the candies. It was easy enough that even K could help. In fact she insisted, "I color too, Mommy?"

The best part was that there were left over candy dots... because who doesn't like a little bit a paper stuck to their treats?


Bala Waxworks said...

very cute! Texting valentines... so today! Yes, it's hard for me to stay relevant :) ~L

EEEEMommy said...

You are so clever! I wish you lived next door so that I could send my crafty girls to your house!! :)

mangotango said...

I wished you lived next door, period. Can't you move to PA next??