Friday, January 22, 2010


A handful of pretzels here, a cupful of goldfish there, almost stale popcorn. What happens when all you have are the dregs at the bottom of the snack bags and five kids to feed?

Me: "OK! Snack time! Who wants the goldfish, who wants the popcorn, who wants the pretzels?"

Kids: "I want the gold fish!"
I want the goldfish!"

Me: "Well, there isn't enough goldfish for everyone to have it, so we have to decide who gets what..."

Screaming, yelling, tears and gnashing of teeth ensues

After learning my lesson from the above scenario, and not wanting to throw away perfectly good food in favor of opening a whole new bag so that everyone can have
exactly the same thing, I came up with this solution...Snack Mix!!

Yes, Mommy's snack mix is a big hit in our house- everyone gets a little bit of everything, and a couple of m&m's thrown in for good measure. No complaining, everyone is happy, and I get to clean out my cupboard- win-win!


Bala Waxworks said...

Ingenious and innovative... but how do you sort out who gets the green bowl and who gets the orange??! Just kiddin'! luv, L

New Life said...