Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WDW Day 2

Tuesday March 9

This morning was another early one. We woke up the kids around 6:30 a.m. to get them dressed and out to the shuttle stop by 7 a.m. We arrived at the Magic Kingdom and were admitted into the park at 8, an hour before the official opening so that we could eat with the princesses in the castle. It was such a neat way to start off our week! We were probably in a group of the first 50 people to get in the park. Main Street was completely empty, and we got a couple of shots with the castle in the background before E decided that enough was enough- Cinderella was waiting!

We first met Cinderella, and K was a bit unsure, not quite believing her eyes. She kind of stared at Cinderella, and wasn't very responsive. That soon changed as we ate our breakfast, and Snow White, Belle, Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty all came to our table to greet us. K was very taken with Snow White in particular. It was fun to see her get so excited! The older kids kind of just took it all in stride, posed for photos, and asked for autographs.

After breakfast we made our way to Adventure Land where we rode Aladdin's Carpet two times in a row, without any wait.

We then went on Pirates of the Caribbean. All the kids were in agreement that they did not like that ride- too dark and scary! We took turns watching the kids with Ed's parents to ride Big Thunder Mt. before taking a trip onto Tom Sawyer's island. Unfortunately, we didn't find the hidden paint brushes, so did not get the prize for the day, but it was neat to explore the caves (E didn't like them either). Since it was a little chilly and overcast, Splash Mt. had no wait. Ed and I got right on, and of course were soaked! Phil and Nancy went, and barely got splashed! After lunch we waited in line for the Jungle Cruise for about 1/2 hour, no fast passes today. Then Ed and I returned back to the hotel, it was naptime for N and K and swim time for E.

We went over to Epcot met up with Phil and Nancy in Japan for dinner.

We walked through some of the nations, getting passport stamps for the kids' books before we found a spot to watch Illuminations. After waiting 45 minutes, we got into a front row section that is roped off until 10 minutes before the show. Shortly into the show, KK decided she needed to go to the bathroom (even though I had just taken her!!), and I had to miss the ending. I think she was actually looking for an excuse to get away from the light and noise. Oh well, at least I saw part of it.

We joined the rush of people exiting the park and go back to our rooms around 10 pm. The kids were beyond exhausted!

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