Saturday, March 13, 2010

WDW Day 6

Saturday March 13 It was another early morning today with Hollywood Studios having "magic hours".

Once in the park, we made a beeline for Toy Story Mania, which we rode once without any wait, and then got fast passes for later. It was such a fun ride, a favorite for everyone!

After that, Ed and I wanted to go on The Tower of Terror. N said that he was interested too, so we explained to him that it was a ride where we are on an elevator that drops down really fast. He said he was ok with it, so we decided to go for it, knowing that he wouldn't fully understand what the ride was about until he went on it, but also thinking that there are kids who end up loving it. We wouldn't know if he was one of those kids unless he tried it. He was fine until the ride actually did its first drop, and then I could hear him yelling,"Mommy!" each time it fell. When it was over he said, "I don't want to go on that ride again!". You can see that he looks a little stunned in the pictures we took after.

We then went to see The Great Movie Ride, which the kids did not like, especially E- too much of the gun fight. After that, we went to The Little Mermaid show, hoping to have something K would enjoy since she loves the Little Mermaid, but it was a little too intense for her, and she hated being sprintzed by water. After that, the kids got to play in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, which they all liked a lot, although it was a little too zoo-like for the adults!

We ate lunch at 50's Prime Time which is a fun restaurant that pretends you are part of the family-making you set the table, clean your plates, and handing out punishments for misbehaviors. One woman had to put her nose against the wall for having her elbows on the table, and Ed had to take the plates to the kitchen because he didn't eat all his veggies. At this point of the day K began to lose it, so I took her back for a nap while the others rode Star Tours.

We had an early dinner (4:10) at Epcot's Garden Grill, so Ed and the kids came back to the hotel and we met up with his parents. This was the last of the character meals, and the KK really loved meeting Chip and Dale. They both came by our table a couple of times to give her hugs and kisses, and she was super excited each time, coming out of her "I'm not eating, I'm whining" funk. Mickey got her to eat a bite of chicken, something we had been unable to coax her to do!

We had an extra feature of having our restaurant revolve so that we saw scenes from inside Living with the Land ride. It took the whole meal to make one revolution so we went past scenes of a desert, a rain forest and a farm, as well as a mural painted wall.

After dinner K played in a fountain spot, even though it was about 60 degrees. She really had fun, although I got lots of funny looks from passing grown-ups who were bundled up in sweatshirts and jeans. I just shook my head and agreed that I didn't know how she stood it!

We ended up our last day at Epcot with a complete tour around the lagoon past all the countries to get the rest of the stamps for the kids' books. E was pretty tired by the end, but she was a trooper and walked the whole way without complaining.

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Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

I loved hearing all about your trip! It sounds like it was a magical time.