Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WDW Day 3

Wednesday March 10

We had a bit of a later start this morning since Epcot didn't open until 9. Our first priority was getting over to Soarin'. Ed's parents went on right away with E and N, while Ed and I waited with K, who was too small to ride. When they came out, we went in and E and N rode again with us. It was so cool! We rode in the front row, so we were on the top section of the ride when it started. There were no shows dangling in front of us, so it was easier to be immersed in the experience. I was disappointed when it ended! We then headed over to Test Track. Noah decided to be brave once he heard it was like driving a race car, and he loved the ride. E sat it out with K. We then went over to a fairy garden and playground where the kids played before lunch.

It was getting pretty warm, around 79 degrees, so we found a cool spot in the shade next to Mexico to eat. Near the end of our meal, Donald Duck came out of a gate nearby and the kids got to be first in line to meet him, before the passing crowd swooped in and formed a long line. We also caught Daisy Duck and Stitch on our way out of the park, with a relatively short line. As you can see by the absence of K from these pictures, she was not down with these characters!

We took the kids back for rest time and K napped while E and N watched TV. Ed and I got ready for a night out on our own and we left around 4 for Downtown Disney and the Cirque de Soleil show (the kids spent a fun afternoon and evening swimming with their grandparents). Ed and I had heard great things about Cirque, and were excited to see the show. We were thoroughly enjoying the show, when halfway through there was a bike act with a stunt rider who did all kinds of tricks. To our surprise, Ed was asked to come up onto the stage and lie down while the bike did jumps over his head! I had read that they sometimes got the audience to participate, but I never expected us to be a part of it. It was a lot of fun, and made the show all the more memorable.

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