Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Countdown to CA

The final countdown has begun for our trip to California. E had 8 paper rings left on her chain (we made one for each day, and she has been ripping them off each morning in anticipation). We have been planning this trip since February, and I can hardly believe it is upon us. We will be leaving on an 8:30 am flight the morning of Wednesday the 22nd. With the drive to the airport, waiting to board, the actual flight, waiting for luggage, and the final drive up the coast to Jay and Jess', we are looking at an 11-12 hour day. Not for the faint-hearted. And my heart is feeling a little faint at the prospect of holding my squirmy, whiny baby in my lap across the country. Not to mention how we will feel that evening after a 16 hour day, and it will only be 5:30 CA time.

But at least we will be there! After months of planning and preparation, for better or worse, our 2 families will be together for 2 weeks. E and Grayson will be able to renew their friendship, and Jess and I will get to spend time together catching up in ways that you can't over the phone. Likewise, with Ed and Jay. We are really excited for this chance to visit with our friends, as well as spend time together as a family.

So now the packing has begun... what to take, what will I regret leaving behind? How many shorts, shirts, pants, sweatshirts, shoes, etc to pack for each of us? What to take on the plane to amuse the children? My head spins with all these details.

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