Sunday, November 20, 2005

Car Trouble

Today was a bad car day. I went out to go food shopping with the kids, and remembered that the battery had died yesterday. So Ed came out and jumped it, and I went to Quick Lube to get an oil change where they had to jump it to start it again. They said they didn't do battery changes there, and since it's a Sunday, not much is open. They suggested Pep Boys. I went, and was told the wait would be about 45 minutes until the car even went into the shop. I am usually well prepared for outings-- I pack snacks, drinks, diapers, etc. But today I was just planning on making a quick trip, and had none of those things. Fortunately there was a small play area for the kids in the waiting area, and of course the whole store to walk around in. Also, they sold snacks and drinks. The kids were remarkably good, and we were able to pass the time pretty well, and the car was done a lot sooner than expected (1 hour). We then made our way to Trader Joe's . As we were driving through the parking lot, one of the guys who worked there lost control of a cart and it ran into the back of my car. I had to file an accident report with the store. I don't think the car was really damaged, it looks like surface marks, but still-what a way to top off my day!

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