Monday, November 28, 2005

I can't believe it is almost Christmas! Yesterday we brought our Christmas decorations up from the basement and I felt like it shouldn't be time yet. The kids had such a great time digging throught the boxes "helping" me unpack the items, and place them around our living room. Their favorite was a snow globe that I just purchased this fall. It plays "Jingle Bells" and if you push a little button, the snow swirls around a family of snowmen. N especially likes it. He comes and finds us and drags us over to the snowglobe "Mo! Mo!" so that we can wind it up for him. He then claps his hands in joy and begins his little dance. E enjoyed looking through all of the special Christmas books we pile on the coffee table, and playing with the playmobile Christmas set. N wanted to play too, but after he pulled apart the pieces, "Uh-Oh! Boke, Boke!", we decided it was a big kid toy, and put it out of his reach.

E is definitely into the whole Christmas thing this year. She really remembers traditions from past years, and is looking forward to participating in them again. For now, she believes in Santa Claus, and so she has been considering her list, thinking over what one thing she should ask him for, because we have told her that Santa only brings one toy. Until last year she was too frightened to even sit on Santa's lap, much less request a gift. I think she has settled on asking him for a Pound Puppy. I don't know how long she will believe, this will probably be the last Christmas. It will actually be a relief for me when she figures it out, because I always feel a little guilty perpetuating the deception. She is so trusting, and does not doubt Santa's existence a bit, because we told her it is so. I just hope that when she finds out the truth she will be able to accept Santa for the fun and magic it brings to Christmas, and not feel betrayed. I think that she will like being on the other side, telling N about Santa, and being a part of the fun. Until then, she believes.

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