Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daddy's Girl

E was always a mommy's girl, tightly stuck to my side and preferring my arms above all others.

N was pretty much the same, although slightly less clingy, and definitely more social.

K is a different story.

loves her daddy, and even prefers him to me at times, which is a new experience for me. Dada was one of the first words she said, although she did abandon it for "mama" for about 6 months, before saying it again. She runs to Ed when he comes home, stretching her arms out for him to pick her up, and then immediately going into a snuggle, head on his shoulder and thumb in her mouth. I wonder if this attachment was forged back when she was an infant and he used to spend hours holding her so that she would sleep, and so I could sleep.

This morning her attachment reached a new level. We were eating breakfast, and she only wanted to be held by him. When he put her down so that he could cut his french toast, she went into a full-on tantrum, lying on the floor, legs kicking, arms flailing, crying hysterically. I tried holding her to comfort her, and I could do nothing. If anything, her tantrum intensified as her screams became shrill with anger. Ed finally took her back and it took her several minutes to calm down, but she eventually stopped crying. Unfortunately he had to work which meant that I needed to take her. He was working from home today, so she didn't see him leave the house. All she knew was that he was around somewhere, but not holding her. She started crying and wouldn't stop, so we had to stage his departure. We went downstairs and watched Ed as he grabbed his keys. We then said, "Daddy is going to work now!! Say good-bye to Daddy!" We waved, and she cried, and he walked out. The ruse worked though, because she soon resigned herself to Ed being gone, and calmed down to the regular routine of the day. Meanwhile Ed sneaked back into the house, crept upstairs, and closed the door. Seriously, the lengths we go to!

Right after Ed put her down:

Sad, sad faceFeeling better, after waving bye-bye


Sullivan's Mom said...

that is sweet and hilarious. I am trying to imagine Ed sneaking into the house and tip-toeing upstairs... very sneaky, Daisy - I'm impressed!

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

That is so funny! I'm glad it worked, though. Sydney is a daddy's girl, too, and it has been hard on her that her daddy is no longer working from home. I am dreading the day when her two big sissies start school again!

sanityseeker said...

daisy, she is so sweet. i love that you capture these precious moments, even with your third. thanks for showing us newer moms how to take the time to savor moments,...i'm slowly learning to savor and not to dread/be annoyed, but sometimes it's tough!

Bala Waxworks said...

I shared your story w/ Bob and he said that he already noted K's preference for Ed... and he was glad, saying that one of the kids ought to be "Daddy's little one". It is cute to hear the pantomine of "leaving" only to sneak back in for the peace in the house. K's really something! Enjoyed the story and the photos! ~L