Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary's Right

I knew there was a reason I changed parties to vote for her!


Sullivan's Mom said...

be changed parties in the hopes of obama not getting the nod.
I know the truth.
And what is she right about?? It's a McCain ad and it's ridiculous and preying on fears.
This sounds like a debate for playgroup! I'll have to go gather some reinforcements.... :)

Daisy said...

yes, but my evil plan worked, at least in PA, Ha! Ha! Ha!

And I agree, the beginning of that ad is ridiculous and completely uneccessary.

BUT it still is funny, at least, I got a good laugh out of it, and so that's why I thought I would share.

EEEEMommy said...

I'm waiting for similar commercials with Biden. My mom says he said a lot of things against Obama before he was the VP pick.
Yes it's funny, but no it's not funny the way they flip flop.
I'd back you in an playdate debate. ;)

EEEEMommy said...

any not an

partlycloudypilgrim said...

It is not funny the way they think we are stupid enough to fall for these idiotic ads. Hillary is just flat-out wrong here. Obama is where he because of a speech? This is non-thinking and it's completely simplistic. Don't we believe that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks? The man's speeches only prove his heart is passionate about justice and the poor... his life work proves it.
All this ad supports is that I am glad I didn't vote for Hillary.

Talk about flip-flopping? Who was McCain before he has had to remake himself as a conservative in the last few months? I am not falling for that.

Ed said...

Hillary's ad didn't claim Obama was where he was because of a speech. It was just a humorous way to say she has significant political experience and Obama does not, and that she would fare better in the election against McCain because of it. In any case the question of experience is pretty standard stuff when it comes to elections and usually isn't considered a personal attack. I think the add has a point and is funny too. It's at least more relevant than some of the stuff both parties take to the press. Or is everything that comes from Obama's mouth gold? :-)

No question Obama is very talented and deserves to be where he is. Personally, I wish Hillary was nominated instead too. I honestly trust her more and think she's more moderate. Obama might end up being the amazing choice the media makes him out to be (only history will tell), but at this point the only thing I am certain of is that we are down to two choices. I sort of think the cool thing about McCain is he goes with his own view rather than party line. I don't think the same can be said about Obama, and I don't think anyone is falling for McCain being a far right conservative, but it's politics and the guy has to reach out to his base.

partlycloudypilgrim said...

McCain is reaching to his base by towing the party line that he once rejected but now preaches as gospel truth! Ha ha you got your fight Daisy... sitting back and watching the spoils like a modern Nero back in Ambler.
Bring it on, my blood runs for Obama!

Daisy said...

You've got to be kidding me...modern Nero? (an insane Christian hating and murdering emperor!) Just because I would rather have HC on the ticket instead of BO? And I guess I didn't get the politcal"fight" I "wanted", if he is the one who is running. And I have no idea what the reference to "spoils" there is. That comment was a bit unfair.

Sullivan's Mom said...

Oh boy. I think she was trying to be funny...and the spoils are that you started a "fight" between the parties but it's not really a fight because we can all appreciate and respect our differing points of view!
Let's all just get along.
(Can you tell I'm the middle child or what??)

partlycloudypilgrim said...

Yeah, the comment was a reference to the debating on your blog - not a national scale. The spoils being all the comments and back and forth. I remember back to another such debate on your blog that you admitted to starting for the enjoyment of watching the arguing.
I certainly only meant Nero in a watching from the balcony sense and no other...

words and streets said...

hey, no fair I'm just catching up! Well here are my thoughts, briefly: 1. funny ad but untrue 2. wish McCain could show more class in his ads 3. isn't there experience that is valuable outside of politics such that could create a more well balanced style of leadership? 4. and I'm looking for someone who is wise, bold, and patient, gathers appropriate counsel and thinks.