Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We decided to carve pumpkins on wednesday night. The kids picked out their patterns, and after I drew them on the pumpkins, Ed and I each carved one. We also had a third pumpkin, but unfortunately, when Ed opened it up, the insides were completely rotten. It looked fine on the outside, but the insides were a stinking mess. Ironically earlier in the day I had carved an ugly, scarred, dirty pumpkin at E's school but the insides were perfectly clean (shoot! I just realized I missed a great teaching moment with the kids regarding the state of their hearts and outward appearance).

Anyway, E had fun scooping out the guts, while N just preferred to watch.

K liked watching too, until I thought it would be a fun idea her to stick her hand in the bowl and squish the seeds. As you can see, she did not appreciate it one bit!

(Isn't this the saddest little face you have ever seen?)

We lit up the pumpkins, and stuck them outside.

Unfortunately, the next day a squirrel decided to eat N's poor autobot pumpkin. We were all very sad.:(

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The Family K. said...

I'd best not show the very cool Autobot pumpkin picture to Andrew. Otherwise, he'd demand the same thing and I know I couldn't re-create it half as well without doing some serious bodily damage to myself and the 8" pumpkin he brought home.