Monday, October 6, 2008

Tag, I'm it

I guess Judy thinks I need some motivation to do some more blogging, but she tagged me with this meme.

7 Random things...

1. I get addicted to online games really easily. For awhile, I was playing spider solitaire every chance I got. Now I am onto the Facebook application game, PackRat. I got an invitation from a friend months ago, and kind of avoided it because I know my weaknesses. But I didn't delete it because it did say "the most addictive game on Facebook", and if was that good, I knew I would want to try it sometime. Kind of like someone who is trying to quit smoking might hide a pack at the way back of their closet, just in case they wanted "just one" more. So anyway, I finally clicked on the link, and I am hooked. Incidentally, my friend stopped playing, so I don't even get the benefit of playing with her anymore. I have to brave the world of the packrats alone, without a friend to help me with getting feats(are you feeling bad yet, friend?).

2. I am from a blended family. My mom married my dad when I was in 4th grade. Surprisingly, we all kind of look similar even though half of us have Asian blood. Everyone always wants to know who is related to who, so here it is : Me, Cara, and Andrew are bio-sibs; Christine, Julie, Katherine and Sandy are my step-sisters.

3. I like to sleep with my ears covered. When I was a teenager I was permanently scarred after seeing Throw Momma From the Train. There is a scene in there where the mother gets stabbed in the ear with scissors by her son. Ever since then, I have felt very vulnerable when lying down with my ears all exposed to those crazy scissor-wielding psychopaths. So I sleep with a t-shirt over my ears, because, as we all know, scissors can not penetrate something as hard and impermeable as a t-shirt.

4. I like to eat my popcorn with brewer's yeast sprinkled on top. When we were little we would only get this treat when we were on the island with my health-foodie aunt. But we loved it, and it still conjures up images of rainy afternoons in the cabin, eating popcorn while watching a storm come across the lake. It is definitely an acquired taste if you are an adult, but I now only make that kind of popcorn, since Ed doesn't eat popcorn anymore, so I have brought the kids over to the brewer's yeast side. They get very excited about eating the popcorn with the "Brew-cheese" and fight over who gets to lick their fingers and eat up the crumbs on the bottom of the bowl. I get my own bowl.

5. I have recurring dreams about bathrooms and teeth (separate dreams). In my dreams the bathrooms are always disgustingly dirty, and I really have to go. So I wander around trying to use a bathroom, and never being able to because they are so gross. I usually wake up from these dreams with a full bladder. The other dreams involving teeth are always so real. My teeth are falling out, or have fallen out, or I am trying to push them back in. I usually think, "Man! I always have a dream about this, but it's never happened in real life!" Of course I wake up with a great sense of relief, after making sure that my teeth are still solidly rooted in my gums.

6. Speaking of teeth, I have all my teeth that have fallen out/ been pulled in a jar. Baby ones, cute. Wisdom teeth, not so much.

7. I do not like to share my food. This definitely needs some clarifying. It is popular in my circle of women friends to order a couple different things for dessert, in which everyone has a few bites. I no longer take part in these communal dessert dishes. For many years I would cringe inwardly while taking my allotted spoonful of tiramisu, but no longer! I asserted myself for the first time at a recent Girls' Night.
The plates started passing, with everyone declaring, "Oh this is so good" and "MMM!" but when they came to me I just passed it to the left.
"You don't want any?" I was asked.
"Oh, that's ok, I'm not too into the sharing thing", I admitted.
All eyes turned to me, wide with incredulity "What?" "Are you serious?" "Why not?"
"Oh, you know, I would prefer my own plate that no one has dipped their fork into"
"But we don't double dip! " came the protests.
But they don't wash off their forks between samples either. They might as well be taking two bites from the same dessert. I didn't say that, but I did tell them that even as a small child I was grossed out when my mom would lick the drips off my little sister's ice cream cone. I told them not to take it personally, I don't even like eating something my own children have taken bites out of. They still couldn't believe me, and tease me every time we go out. But I don't care, I am freed from bending to the peer pressure of sharing. If I want dessert I will order it for myself, and please don't ask me for a taste!

And that is probably TMI about me!

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you are interested in doing this meme because you love memes, or have some really weird things you must share with the world, go ahead and do it, then let me know!


EEEEMommy said...

I loved reading this post! You are so funny and endearing!! :)

I actually got bored with the Packrat thing, I hope you do too! ;)

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

OK, I knew we had a lot in common, but this is ridiculous. Although I do risk sleeping with my ears uncovered, I have had BOTH of those bizzare dreams many times. Ugh! What is it with dream bathrooms? The teeth dream I have not had in a long time. Hopefully you have not awakened that dream for me tonight! Too weird.

Bala Waxworks said...

My theory on the re-occuring "teeth dreams" is that you're a teeth grinder in your sleep. I have awakened Bob with my teeth grinding... it seems to only happen during stressful times, and sometimes the morning after my mouth actually hurts for a day or two!