Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Another successful surgery

  • Today N had another ear tube surgery. One of the original tubes from last year had fallen out and he has had several ear infections as a result. So today he had the tubes put in again. We arrived at the CHOP specialty care center around 7:40 am. Since he wasn't allowed to eat or drink before the surgery, I was thankful for this early arrival time. We were checked in, and although N was a little nervous in the beginning, wanting to be held, he soon became comfortable and sat on the bed by himself. The nurses were wonderful, gentle and kind, and quickly put him at ease. We watched "Elmo in Grouchland" while we waited for his turn, and for the relaxation medication to kick in. N was completely relaxed by the time they carried away, and he went without a protest although he still clutched tightly to 'baby'. I barely had time to drink a cup of coffee before I was called back to be with him while he awoke in recovery. He was fast asleep, and I sat and read a book for about 15 minutes until he woke up, calmly stretching and reaching for me. He was fascinated by the pulse-ox on his big toe and didn't want it taken off. He also loved the slurpee they gave him as we left and he sucked away contentedly on the way home. I am so thankful for how well it went, and am looking forward to another infection-free winter.

    Getting ready to go

    The pulse-ox on his toe

    Sleeping in recovery

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