Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Week 9

I am in that unfortunate pregnancy stage of looking like I am gaining weight, yet not looking pregnant yet. I am still fitting into most of my pants, though some have been put to the side until post baby. But I am definitely feeling the squeeze. Also, I am finding this body change happening a whole lot sooner this time around. Those poor stomach muscles have just given up the fight already and are letting go. All this for a baby the size of a kidney bean. I mean, I think E was an orange at least, and N probably a clementine, but a kidney bean?
It is kind of funny how the pregnancy trackers like to compare the growing baby to produce. It's like I have an ever changing fruit basket for a belly, going from a blueberry to a watermelon. I am just hoping I don't have a pair of kidney beans in there right now (which is the popular opinion).
I have my first OB visit this week, which I am looking forward to. It is kind of the first step in that inevitable march to the delivery room, picking up tempo from once a month, to every other week, and then every week. I won't be able to hear the heartbeat yet, but I am guessing I will have an early ultrasound scheduled to rule out the possibility of the above pair of beans.

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