Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Week 10

Things are looking up. I feel a whole lot better in the mornings, just a mild sick feeling here and there. The trade off is that the afternoons and evenings are worse, but I am just glad that half my day I feel almost normal. And of course, it helps that as each week passes by, the end of the first trimester is that much closer.

Another bit of good news is that the OB does not think I am carrying twins. I am still going to have an ultrasound (on Thursday) to make sure, but her feeling is that there is only one in there. Ellie did say she had a dream the other night that we were having a boy and a girl, so we will see!

Food aversions are still there, but I have an odd craving for meat. Yesterday I read an article about the popularity of Italian roast pork sandwiches, and it made my mouth water. The #1 spot in Philly is DiNic's at Reading Terminal Market, and I was more than tempted to drive down there for lunch, but I wasn't sure if it was open on Labor Day. I have also been craving ribs, which is funny since I have only had them once, and wasn't that impressed by them. And my final craving is for some Korean kalbi, or short ribs. I have a great recipe for them, and have wanted to make them for dinner but I have been holding off because I want to have my parents over the next time I make them, and I'm not really up for dinner company yet. So to sum it up, I am kind of feeling like Pheobe on "Friends" when she was pregnant.

And tomorrow is E's first day of kindergarten, so I will be posting pictures and a full report.

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