Saturday, September 9, 2006

The Red Dragons

  • Well, it is clear that E has inherited more than my crafty genes, she has also received my "athletic" ones too. I have kind of suspected all along, but it was very clear today in the game that she doesn't quite have the hustle and drive that I am sure my sisters possessed at that age. She started out pretty cheerfully, running along, attempting to kick the ball, but by the end she was clearly dragging, running behind the crowd of little girls, not even attempting to put her foot on the ball. It was super hot, so she did get overheated, and it was probably the most sustained "running" that she has ever done. We were just glad she didn't end in tears, and that she had fun, at least in the beginning before getting so hot and tired. I think her favorite part was after the game, when she got to play on the playground and have a soft pretzel.
    As a side note, her friend, Allison, is on the same team, and that girl has got the moves! She was weaving in and out, stealing the ball, dribbling up the field and scored so many times I lost count after 6! It was impressive to watch, and hard to believe it was her first game too. The girl has a future in athletic pursuits!

    The team warms up 100_2644 E has her turn to dribble and.... 100_2645
    Score! 100_2646 E and Allison before the first kick 100_2647
    After the game, a pretzel and a smile! 100_2648

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